Crimson Moon

80% love it
Crimson Moon is raising funds to stay open
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Good drinks, good prices
With a video bar downstairs and a dance floor above, there is something for everyone.


    • ClubHopper1965
      ClubHopper1965 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Keep Going!
      6 friends,my Husband & I were talked into going to a bar in-state instead of driving to Philadelphia like usual for a Saturday Night. None of us have been there before and the buzz was worth giving it a shot. It is in a very seedy part of the city and feels QUITE unsafe as you have to find street parking to boot. We get there and it looked like someone's house, which usually is cool so we went in anyway. No friendly greeting at all and we decided to just go upstairs to the source of the usual bad techno music because downstairs was crowded and small. Upstairs was just as tiny with a small dancefloor & loud music. We ordered some drinks, which were good. My 6 Single friends walked around to mingle. We were told there would be scantly clothed shot boys and they were, but they were white. My friend asked if they had minorities as shot boys and they said no the owner doesn't hire " them" for that. The clientele pretty much were cliques of white men and our Black friends felt ignored even as far as not getting song requests heard. My white friends into Black men felt out if place because no men of color were their, represented,nor catered to. We left that evening thinking/feeling we should have kept going. That's my advise to you as well,keep going to somewhere else.

    • Myke4u
      Myke4u Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not that great

    • Dr.Milton
      Dr.Milton Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The Best Club in Wilmington!
      This is theonly club in Wilmington Delaware. It is actually in a 2 story townhouse right in the middle of a residential area. The music is good, the drinks, strong and a very diverse crowd. So stop by Wilmington's Largest, most luxurious and hottest gay is the best because it's the only one! So no complaints here, not gonna toss out the Boy with the bathwater!